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Audience and Lecturer

At Leading & Governing Associates, Inc. we support collaborative and inclusive leaders to imagine and create brighter futures with their communities.


To do so, we design, facilitate and conduct:

  • Collaborative planning and decision-making processes with elected and nonprofit boards. 

  • Organizational assessments to inform capacity building, and strategic and succession planning; 

  • Strategic navigation, stakeholder engagement, and leadership development initiatives for municipal, county, school, and non-profit boards and their staffs;

  • Advocacy training for public purpose leaders

  • Keynote addresses and workshops for conferences and leadership development programs. 

  • We write about public problems, public decision-making, the role of elected boards, public engagement, and strategic navigation. 

About Us

Scottie Seawell

Scottie Seawell, MPA, Vice President and Principal Consultant, co-founded Leading and Governing Associates in 2004 with her partner, Phil Boyle. Scottie's work includes nonprofit capacity building in rural, urban, and suburban communities of North Carolina; evaluation, consultation and facilitation of board governance, fund development, succession planning and strategic planning and navigation efforts with local nonprofits around early childhood care and education, affordable housing, domestic violence, and eldercare; design and facilitation of community visioning, strategic planning and board governance initiatives with boards of education in North Carolina and Colorado; and design and facilitation of core values and lay leadership development initiatives with churches in North Carolina and South Carolina.


Scottie presents at national and statewide conferences on inclusive engagement and public values thinking and decision-making. As managing partner she is responsible for business development, financial and human resource management, and creation of LGA's social media presence.


Phil Boyle, Ph.D., President, co-founded Leading and Governing Associates in 2004 with his partner, Scottie Seawell. Phil's work includes designing and facilitating public leadership programs and long-range visioning efforts for universities and professional associations. He regularly presented at state and national public purpose conferences and wrote on public problems and choices, transitioning from campaigning to governing, strategic planning and visioning, and the role of public education in a democratic society. 


Phil earned a B.A. from Monmouth University, a M.S. from Columbia University, and a Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Public Affairs, University of Colorado at Denver. He also served in the federal government as a Presidential Management Fellow, as special assistant to the Assistant Secretary for Administration and as Director of the Center for Management Excellence in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


Phil co-authored, with Del Burns, the 2012 book, Preserving the Public in Public Schools, which has as much resonance, if not more, ten years on. But his greatest claim to fame, in addition to raising three civically-minded daughters with Scottie, was as a proselytizer for democracy.

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