Leading and Governing Associates

specializing in stakeholder engagement, strategic navigation and public values thinking...

Leading & Governing Associates, Inc. is a leadership consulting practice dedicated to strengthening strategic decision making and democratic governance.

We facilitate collaborative planning and decision making processes for regional bodies, local communities, and non-profit boards; and conduct policy design and strategic navigation retreats for municipal, county, school and non-profit boards and management staff.

We work with universities and state and national associations representing elected and appointed officials to design and conduct presentations and workshops for conferences and leadership programs. 

We have written about public problems, public decision making, the role of elected boards, public engagement, and strategic navigation for Public Management, Nation’s Cities Weekly, Popular Government, American School Board Journal, ICMA’s IQ Report, and Journal of Public Affairs Education. In 2012, our first book, Preserving the Public in Public Schools was published by Rowman& Littlefield Publishers.



  Phillip Boyle, Ph.D.
  Leading and Governing Associates



Scottie Seawell, MPA
Leading and Governing Associates

What some of our clients have said about us.....

"I found your workshop to be a cut above the rest,...the model you developed for balancing values and choices (has) a very strong element of truth to it; a lot of depth. The honesty in the thinking that goes behind the model is what drives that." Senior Administrative Officer, Consolidated County Government, Kentucky

"Not only did I truly enjoy your presentation but now I have words to express why I ran for the Board of Education in the first place.  I am running for a second term...and want...to present these thoughts clearly enough so that my audience will understand I am not 'running against' but am 'running for' our entire district.  Thank you again." School Board Member, Illinois

"I always leave the meetings you help to facilitate, feeling optimistic that the group has actually 'gotten' the take home message we are trying to communicate!"NC Smart Start Executive Director

"I attended an all day workshop entitled Public Problems, Democratic Decisions: The Role of Mayors and Council Members, which was excellent.  The premise of the program was that our democratic system has a built-in tension...(that) forces all issues out into the open...which in turn can and should lead to responsible decision making." - Village Mayor, Illinois

"Dear Dr. Phil (the REAL Dr. Phil is what I'm going to call you from now on!): Your Stepping Up to the Plate without Crossing the Line: Democratic Leadership for Public Executives workshop was the most valuable training session I have ever taken...I am going to apply the lessons learned to the difficult problems we are currently facing in my community." - City Manager, Florida