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specializing in stakeholder engagement, strategic navigation and public values thinking...

Our Services


Designing and Facilitating Stakeholder Engagement in Visioning, Strategic Planning and Navigation

Leading & Governing Associates offers a tailored mix of services to its clients.
These include:

Workshops and Conference Presentations which provide participants with practical knowledge and skills:
  • From Campaigning to Governing: The Art and Science of Public Decision Making
  • The Public Purposes of Public Schools: Visions and Values of Public Education in our Democratic Republic
  • Practical Ethical Decision Making for Public Life
  • Engaging Our Community: Creating Our Vision and Community Support for PreK-12 Education
  • Imagining Tomorrow: Starting with Visions and Values
  • Policy Leadership for Mayors and Council Members: Public Values, Choices, and Decisions
  • Addressing Complex Community Issues: Leading from Behind to Help Your Community Move Ahead
  • Navigating the Future: Thinking, Planning, and Acting Strategically
  • Shaping a Healthy Community: Achieving the "Public" in Public Health

Policy Navigation and Strategic Facilitation which help boards, councils, and commissions crystallize their purpose, frame goals, address governance issues, and engage their publics: 
  • Craven County Schools Community Engagement, Visioning and Strategic Planning
  • A Vision for Public Education in Alamance County
  • Orange County Schools (NC) Community Engagement and Strategic Planning Initiative
  • N.C. Smart Start Board Governance and Strategic Planning Initiatives 
  • Blue Ribbon Committee on the Future of Wake County
  • The Special Transit Advisory Commission’s Regional Transit Vision Plan
  • Research Triangle Regional Reality Check’s Regional Visioning Exercise
  • Charlotte City Council Policy Leadership Retreat
  • N.C. Association of County Commissioners Strategic Goals Initiative

Governance Education, Training, and Writing which help public officials disseminate knowledge, ideas, and capacity throughout their organizations and jurisdictions: 
  • Preserving the Public in Public Schools: Visions, Values, Conflicts, and Choices, by Phil Boyle and Del Burns, 2012
  • Local Officials, Regional Leaders: A Strategic LeaderShop for Navigating Regional Challenges, N.C. Local Elected Leaders Academy
  • Ethical Decision Making Training for Local Government Planning and Zoning Officials and Staff, Municipal Association of South Carolina
  • “Rebuilding a Public for Public Schools,” Pennsylvania School Boards Association,  PSBA Bulletin, 2005
  • “Effective Council Meetings: Using Public Values to Guide Board Decisions,” International City/County Management Association, IQ Report, 2005
  • “From Strategic Planning to Visioning: Tools for Navigating the Future,” International City/County Management Association, Public Management, 2001